Tariq Cheema

Name: Dr. Tariq H. Cheema M.D.
Date of Birth: TBC
Nationality: Pakistani/American
Profession: Medical Doctor/Philanthropist


World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists (Founder)


Tariq Cheema is a renowned social innovator and philanthropist who has devoted his life to making world a peaceful, equitable, and sustainable place for all. He is the founder of the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists, a global network of affluent individuals, foundations and socially conscious corporations dedicated to advance effective and accountable giving. He received his M.D. from the University of Istanbul, earned a Certificate of Advanced Study in Philanthropy at Loyola University Chicago, and was awarded fellowships by the Rockefeller Foundation's prestigious Next Generation Leadership Program, the Bellagio Initiative, the Salzburg Global Seminar, the Madinah Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and the New Westminster College. He holds expertise in the domains of impact philanthropy and investing, corporate strategic giving, value innovation, and foundation management. Dr. Cheema ranks among the 500 most influential Muslims impacting the world today.

As an author, Dr. Cheema has contributed to the following publications

Global Philanthropy (2010)
Global Islamic Finance Report (2012)

For more info about the world Congress of Muslim Philanthropists visit www.thewcmp.org

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