Sarah Omakwu

Name: Sarah Omakwu
Date of Birth: July 31, 1962
Nationality: Nigerian
Profession: Pastor (President, Family Ministries International)


Family Worship Centre, Abuja.

Ina Omakwu Foundation.

Royal Family Academy, Wuye, Abuja.

Sarah Omakwu is the President of Family Ministries International, a body that comprises of a Church, Charity Foundation, School and other ventures. She is from Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria and a mother of 3; her husband, Pastor Inalegwu Omakwu passed away in 2003. She is also the Senior Pastor of the Family Worship Center Church in Abuja, a position she took up after the demise of Pastor Ina Omakwu her husband. Known for her motivational speaking and support for missions, Pastor Sarah Omakwu is said to represent the Godly brand of Love as she fervently pursues the help and support of widows and the less privileged around the world.

Omakwu says her spiritual father is the American preacher and head of World Changers Church International, Dr. Creflo Dollar.

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