Impact of Staff Motivation on Performance in Transcorp Hilton Abuja


Abstract “Motivation is an important tool that can be used to enhance employee performance. This research work was designed to examine the importance of staff motivation on the performance of employees in organizations. This study is descriptive in nature and the survey method was adopted in carrying out the research. A questionnaire was designed and administered on employees of Transcorp Hilton to elicit responses on the tools of motivation employed in their organization. Frequency distribution was employed in data presentation and analysis. The chi-square statistic was used in testing the null hypothesis formulated to guide the study. The study found that majority of workers are motivated by high salaries they enjoy, employees of Transcorp Hilton love their jobs and the work environment is satisfactory. The organization is yet to utilize the full potential of its employees. The study therefore recommends that management should be flexible with working hours so that it can realize the full potential of its workforce.”


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